Elevate Efficiency

Time is our most valuable finite asset. Everything we do spends a little more of it. With this in mind we strive to build products that are so efficient that your users will never feel like time has been wasted.

With Three Trees, you can leverage Computational Intelligence and gain greater insight into your data and processes. Modern systems can solve complex problems and help you retain the business intelligence that resides with your staff and users.

Our team brings decades of experience in software engineering, user experience modelling, business analysis, prototype design, and product fabrication to every project. It has been said there are no truly new problems, only variations on existing ones - our team can solve what you need us to solve.

user experience experts

software architects

data scientists

industrial designers

Perpetual Learners

Every contract, every different client brings a new opportunity to learn. Our first job is to try to understand what you understand – to learn your world – in order to uncover the technological and contextual issues at hand. Our approach is founded on deep understanding and can then draw from similar situations in other domains to ultimately deliver the project.

The art of simplicity

We know we’ve done a good job when the response to our solution is "well of course". It means that we have managed to communicate the issue in the clearest possible terms to the intended audience. Translation and language are a huge part of what makes a software project work – moving the concrete into the abstract and back again.

Bring Your Vision to Life

Computational Intelligence

Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, and Evolutionary Computation can help streamline business performance and surface problems that had yet to be identified. We build your data tracking systems to leverage computational intelligence where it will be most effective while not hindering your day-to-day system performance.

BC MoJ Court Scheduling Concept (More...)

Court scheduling has always been a complex problem with many variables. The task is currently performed by a department of individuals. Three Trees was tasked with finding a way to capture the team's institutional knowledge allowing senior schedulers more flexibility when taking vacations or retiring.

We opted for a supervised learning system that relied on complex visualizations. The AI determined the probability of every actor's utilization and assembled the most workable schedule. Scheduling staff would then review the effectiveness and either reinforce the assertions that led to the correct decision or reject those that the human reviewer felt was incorrect.

The system state was depicted through visualizations with mutli-level symbology. Interactive filters called attention to various aspects of the data. The visualizations can be browsed to focus on various regions and facets. By the end of the project a yearly schedule could be determined by AI and viewed in one animated interface.

Interfaces for Users

Often applications forget that users with different jobs interact with a system in specific ways. We make sure we understand each user, not as a generic persona, but as an integral team member who is responsible for providing system input, analyzing system outputs, and making essential decisions. Our applications are designed to minimize user interaction by tailoring workflows on and off the application to ensure a user is able to function at peak efficiency.

Zynergy Capital (More...)

Zynergy’s primary focus is moving projects through various stages of review. The interfaces adjusted to highlight the information and tasks most relevant when users of different departments used the system. User could toggle their optimized view to another job focus entirely and gain greater understanding of the project. This system uses an adaptive interface pattern throughout to optimize departmental views and provide flexibility to managers without maintaining multiple interfaces.

R & D

While spontaneous opportunities and untested theories can revolutionize a project, interrupting an existing development routine can have the opposite effect. Leverage our experience for a quick analysis and creation of a working prototype without interrupting your current project lifecycle.

Future Technologies

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intellicence (AI) done right can provide new insight into your data and provide unimaginable efficiencies. Our team can help you explore all the possibilities and implement the right Extended Reality Solution.

Leaving Tables Behind

Traditional information systems are based on lists and totals, details and rollups. Modern visualization libraries allow us to develop interfaces that truly represent non-linear, abstract concepts. A relationship graph or three-dimensional visualization may be the most effective method of interacting with your data, our experience with data analysis, business intelligence (BI), and visualization makes this possible. Light-weight, highly-performant, technologically suited interfaces that run on the appropriate devices for your business are closer than ever.

Service Design

A truly effective information system considers the strengths of the users and their business eco-system. These high-touch, critical-action systems require a deep understanding of a user and their environment. Our approach uses site visits, process modelling, and rapid prototypes to deliver complex systems quickly.

Prototype Fabrication

Interact with your CAD and Part designs in VR / AR then use 3D Printing, CnC, and Laser Cutting to transform those ideas into physical objects that can be held, tested, and used.

Three Trees Technical Inc. is a software engineering,
idea prototyping, and information technology consulting firm
located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

The Team

Our staff consists of accomplished business analysts, software architects, technical strategists, and highly experienced designers. We bring new and innovative approaches to application usability, problem solving through collaboration, and delivery of elegant solutions.

Our approach to team leadership and work ethic is highly regarded in the industry.

We hire learners.

Our team is diverse in skills and experience. This diversity creates better solutions for our clients because we examine all viewpoints.

We support each other to grow and learn, and this growing expertise is available to our clients.

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