Three Trees Technical Inc. is a software development and information technology consulting firm located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

The Team

Chris Coldwell is an accomplished business analyst, software architect, and technical strategist. He has decades of experience in both public and private sectors where he has led large and diverse teams. Having founded two successful companies, Chris' devotion to the success of his customers has remained of paramount importance. His involvement in any project bridges technical knowledge with team management, market positioning and an endless supply of next steps to see a project through to the end.

Ben Leather is a highly experienced designer who brings new and innovative approaches to application usability. He excels at collaborating with clients to solve problems and offering up elegant solutions. Both personable and knowledgeable, his approach to team leadership and work ethic are highly regarded in the industry. His attention to detail and cognisance of project constraints have allowed him to continually deliver successful projects. We hire learners.

We hire for the drive to take on new challenges with enthusiasm.

Our team is diverse in skills and experience. This diversity creates better solutions for our clients because we examine all viewpoints.

We support each other to grow and learn, and this growing expertise is available to our clients.

The Name

Used throughout engineering and mathematics, triangles are stable and strong; a tree represents growth, nature, strength, longevity—all attributes fit for a product; and branches and roots reflect software's visible and invisible components. Three Trees Technical epitomizes the company vision and inspires the core of our work.