Three Trees is a Software Development and Technical Consulting Firm located in Victoria, BC, Canada. We are agnostic to languages, tools and platforms so that we can choose the best tool for the job at hand, whatever that might be.

Ben Leather and Chris Coldwell are the partners heading the team. Each has been working in technology and software development for longer than they really want to talk about.

People always ask about where the name came from. There is a short answer, and a long one. The short answer is that Chris saw the name printed on a child’s nursery poster. It said 1 earth, 2 bugs, 3 trees, etc. He liked the sound of it, and so there you go. The longer answer is the set of reasons it resonated as a name: a triangle is a stable and strong shape, and used everywhere in engineering and mathematics; a tree represents growth, nature, strength, longevity – all attributes one would like in a company and also in a product; roots and branches are also reflective of each other and how software works – visible and non-visible components. So, Three Trees Technical (TTT) seemed a good name to represent both the company we wish to be and become, and of the most aspirational nature of our work.