We write great software.

We enjoy taking on challenging projects.

We thrive on working with our clients as part of a team solving their business or technology issues and doing our part to make things work.

Every contract, every different client brings a new set of learning opportunities to us. Our first job is to try to understand what you understand – to learn your world – in order to uncover the issues at hand, both technological and contextual. We can also bring knowledge to your project from other domains – this is part of the extra special sauce we bring to our work.

Sometimes pretty bloody hard, but really that’s the fun of it all isn’t it?

This represents both a positive attitude and a love of challenge. Bring it on!

We know we’ve done a good job when the response to our solution is “well of course”. It means that we have managed to communicate the issue in the clearest possible terms to the intended audience. Translation and language are a huge part of what makes a software project work – moving the concrete into the abstract and back again.

"If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well" – Dad.

An aspiration.

Being impeccable.

Doing everything to our highest ability and with mindfulness and selflessness.

Being in service.